NEW: Explore Pyramid - monthly Data Challenge Environment

Trickle your Brain and keep Learning

Right before the Weekend, we are happy to give you the exclusive chance to start playing with the brand new Explore Pyramid Environment and begin your first Pyramid Data Challenge. So what am I talking about?

explore.pyramidanalytics.com or short Explore Pyramid

The Explore Pyramid Server is a new community area where we will provide your with a monthly data set and data challenge. The Environment has Pro Versions of Pyramid Analytics and allows you to use Discover, Formulate and more to build Visualizations and Dashboards based on the Datasets we provide. In addition you also find the Training Data Models embedded, so you can play and use a Pro Version even if your License does not provide with one.

Learn more about the Explore Pyramid Environment and how to sign up in this Article.

Monthly Data Challenges

Every Month our Team will prepare a Dataset as a Model in Explore Pyramid and give you a task to build a Report. You are not limited to what we tell you. Go Wild and Explore and Experiment with Pyramid. Let's kick off with the first mission, that has been provided by Calvin Fuss . You can find it here: Mission No1: The Coffee Shop Edition

Post your Results and get them Reviewed

If you are happy with what you have build, you can copy it into a public folder and we will make them visible to other users. The Best Results will get featured on the Community. 

Learn more in this Article how to work in the Explore Pyramid Server, and how to publish your results. We are really looking forward to see what you can build


Please give us feedback about this Initiative and if you want to suggest a Dataset, please post below.

Thanks for your participation

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