Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - April 13th

Dear Users,

in German we have a saying, everything that lasts longer than three times, is a tradition. So welcome to the fourth Weekly Wrap up. Lets see what happened

Big News 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ABI

I guess the most significant news for Pyramid is the jump in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ report for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms that we made. Thank you for your participation in the Survey and continued trust.

Read more about the 2023 MQ in our latest Customer Newsletter

Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community this week

Send your warm welcome to the new users.

Ditesh Ranchod Nicky Maehler Uroš Zdešar Joy Archer  almaz jafarova

If you have been mentioned here, feel free to comment and introduce yourself below. 

Who has achieved a new level Certification Level

Huge Congratulations to all who have reached a new level. Thank you for your time and interest. We know it takes a while.

Level 3:

 Sylvia Dornstauder  -  Prodato

Dave Carbery - Snap Analytics

Level 1:

Aaron Greene - OCS

siva sankar - Tigmatech

Raja Sambasivam - Tigmatech

Sikander Cassim - Data Orbis

Luis Borrego - BAC IT Consulting


You can see the Certification Level of a User in their Profile. If you want to search for e.g. Certified Partners, just type the Partner Name and "Level"

New Questions and Articles

Individual Totals Function per Measure

Cascading Slicer - show count of elements

Learning Live: Custom Columns

for full details, check out and subscribe to: 


And now for something completely different:


We are about to officially launch our new monthly Data Challenges. The Explore Pyramid Platform gives you full access to a Pyramid Instance to try out different parts of the modules. 

Additionally we prepare a monthly Dataset for you to play and experiment and finally publish something to be discussed and visible for others.

Please feel invited to join us for the first ever Pyramid Data Challenge.

  1. How to sign up?
  2. How to access the datasets and publish
  3. First Data Challenge: Are you awake and ready to start?

In addition to the Data Challenges, you also find the Training Data from our Learning Hub in the Explore Server.
Please send us some feedback when you start to use the server.

Have fun.


If you wondered about the Title Picture it has been created with NightCafe.studioAI and shows the celebration of a big win in Keith Haring Style. Have a good weekend

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