Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - June 29nd

Bam, first half of the year done.

Up here in the northern hemisphere the days are getting shorter again and our colleagues in South Africa are hoping for warmer weather. So time to look back and head into Phase two.

Restructuring of the Community is completed, Learning Live has been fully integrated. Tips&Tricks are now part of the growing Knowledge Base. New offerings like User Groups and Explore Pyramid are launched and see more and more traktion.

Participation has doubled, Page views nearly tripled. 25% of signed up members are visiting on a regular basis, which is a decent value for business communities. Let's go for level 2 then.

So what is planned for the second half of the year?

  • more User Groups, sharing Know How and Ideas is the foundation of this place
  • expand Explore Server, more Data Sets and fun Competitions, and visibility
  • Broaden the Knowledge Base. There is still so much hidden content that should be available to all users. If you have a 'Cheat' share it with us to be included
  • one more thing I will not talk about yet...

Pick up more speed and get more user involved. How can you help?
Use the search function, if you can't find your Colleagues that work with Pyramid signed up?  Time to sign up now...

Looking forward to the next few amazing months.


Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community this week

Send your warm welcome to the new users.

Dominic Franco Jossef Fried Ieva Dapkeviciute Matan Tzur Olaf Kienemann Ori Dekel ran botan Franz Knopp Coby Gardner Zach Brown Andrej Hudoklin

If you have been mentioned here, feel free to comment and introduce yourself below. 

News from the Education Team

Level 1

Daniel Luszcz - One Six Solutions

Level 2

Benjamin Hoppe - Prologistik

Level 3

matt. chapin - Pyramid Analytics
Raja Sambasivam - Tigma Tech

Tigma Tech had an amazing run, certifying five users on Level 3 in less than two weeks. Read more.  Congratulations, keep going

New Content available on the community

Community Newsletter No3

Latest news from Community, Education and Product. Read more.

Explore Pyramid Server

New Dataset on Soccer, adding more content to play with outside the monthly challenges.

New Questions

Identifying Duplicated Elements

Multi-Measure Pie Charts

Real Time Data Refresh

Get Data from 2 Month Ago

for full details, check out and subscribe to: 


Get involved and help us to answer some questions.

If you wondered about the Title Picture, this time it Night Cafe again, turning point in a sailboat race. Like going into the wind in H2-2023.

If you have tips for me to make the Community a better place.
Feel free to comment, send feedback and suggestions




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