Pyramid Basic Data Sets #1 - Looking for a scorer or a sorcerer? Get analyzing now

More to play outside of our Challenges

While we were building the Explore Server and started the monthly Challenges, we thought 'is that enough, or would it be fun to have more data sets to start with and just get experimenting.' Let's go for it and add some more data sets... 

One example that always fascinated me, was the Book 'Moneyball' about Billy Beane. What is possible to achieve when you look at data. With the soccer season behind us. Let's get your inner Sports Nerd striking, can you find hidden talent?

We have this source from Data on Kaggle for your, its available under a GNU v2.0 License.

Found this Picture of my first computer game. The mighty Soccer on C64. Loading from Cartridge and still floating around at my parents house. Who still owns their first computer, what was your favourite?

UCL 2021-22 | Players Data

So what do we have? The Model contains data from the Uefa Champions League with Goals, Assists, Attack, Defence, Passing, Field Control, GK Data of the season 2021-22. Dive into it and see what you can find.

Suggested analytic questions

So what could you be looking for?

  • What is the club that scored the most goals?

  • Most players are right feet, which has the left feet player?
  • Top 10 top goal score is and who is the only left feet player?
  • Top 10 Scorers have a total of how many goals?
  • Who are the Top 3 defenders with the most goals ?

You can build anything, Discover, Presents...

Dataset in Explore Pyramid

And here is how you can find the Dataset. Log into Explore Pyramid. The Data can be found in the In-Memory DB under UEFA Goals Data.

Thanks to Nkhensani Khoza to clean the Dataset for Explore, build the Model and propose the analytic questions

Let us know what you found and how you liked the dataset.

  P.S. My favorite Book on Soccer: 

  Unseen Academicaly by Terry Pratchett

  Did you see what I did with the sorcerer ;-)



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