Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - March 23rd

Dear Users,

this week I will start to give you little updates about things that happen around the Community. The weekly shout out will cover three main areas.

  1. Who has joined the Community in the past week
  2. Who has achieved a new Certification Level
  3. New Questions and Articles

Additionally, I will notify you of changes in the Platform and upcoming Events. So let's start.

Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community this week

Send your warm welcome to the new users.

Sowthrilakshmanan Gangachalamani Vadim Laptev MUDASSAR SHAIKH Jeremy Swift Kalaiarasi Dhanabal Ayomikun Faluyi Aaron Greene David Ajayi Susanne Weßel-Therhorn Ibitoye oyinlade Snehal Ghadage Amit Gupta Janaranjan Maneksha Ananth Periyasamy Brian Cobb

If you have been mentioned here, feel free to comment and introduce yourself below

Who has achieved a new level Certification Level

Huge Congratulations to all who have reached a new level. Thank you for your time and interest. We know it takes a while.

Level 3:

Rory Sinclair  - Amplify UK

Level 2:

Philipp Wehmschulte - Productive Data

Bartosz Oblicki - Oblicki

Mollie Taylor - Amplify UK

Level 1:

Bernice Labuschagne - Bicycle BI

Sikander Cassim - Smollan

cblackman9988 - Capco

Jeanre Van Wyk  - Bicycle BI

New Questions and Articles

Dynamic list that returns latest four months based on current date

Creating a dynamic parameter for a date range

Group Measures Under Headings for Export

for full details, check out and subscribe to: 


And now for something completely different:

Join us for the upcoming Usergroups in 

London - March 29th

Cape Town - April 21st

Cork - May 9th

More on the past Usergroup in Cologne at this link. If you would like to run your own Usergroup. Please let me know Christian

and finally:

Pyramid Integrates with ChatGPT, see more what is possible in this short Youtube Video

If you wondered about the Picture above. It has been created by NightCafe.studioAI and shows a Citizen Data Scientist at Work as seen by an AI.

Feel free to comment, send feedback and suggestions




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