Community Newsletter No#3 - 2023

Welcome to our third edition of the Pyramid Community and Education Newsletter! It's been an eventful month: Pyramid 2023 is out, which means we have added a lot of new and updated content in Education and in the Community. 

Once again, here are the topics for this month's newsletter! 

  • New and reviewed courses in the Learning Hub  
  • Product updates and how-to’s  
  • Latest changes and additions to the Community

What's new in Pyramid 2023? 

A new course that covers the most important features of the Pyramid 2023 release. Read more in the Course Release and overview in the Learning Hub. 

What's new in Pyramid 2023?

Tabulate course 

Designed to bring the power of a spreadsheet interface to the Pyramid platform to further support business modeling use cases. This course gives you the necessary information to work seamlessly with Tabulate.  

Tabulate course

Solve course

Solve is the add-on for Tabulate to enable users to design an optimization or decision model to prescribe solutions to business problems. This course is designed to be taken following completion of our Tabulate Course.

Solve course

What's next? 

In the coming weeks, you can expect to see more updated 2023 functional courses, as well as an updated Learning Path with new certification options and structure. Stay tuned for more exciting Learning Hub news. 

What's next?

If you don’t have access to a dedicated training environment, the Explore Pyramid  environment has you covered. It contains the necessary training data so every user can experience Pyramid as a Viewer, Analyst, or Pro without additional permissions and also now includes Tabulate and Solve for you to train on Pyramid 2023.  

Pyramid 2023 released  

Prescriptive Analytics & Optimization, Business Modelling, and OpenAI integration: 

Pyramid 2023 is the next major release of the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform. It includes over 80 new named features together with numerous functional upgrades, unnamed features, and fixes: all designed to make Pyramid the leading decision and business intelligence platform on the market—driving confident insights and decisions around complex business problems and ultimately producing results. 

Pyramid 2023 release notes

50+ user ideas implemented  

More than 50 Community user ideas have been implemented as new features into the latest release. A big thank you to all of you who help us to improve the product by sharing your ideas and helping us prioritize with your votes and comments. Read a full list of all implemented ideas.  

Keep the ideas flowing and vote in the Pyramid Product Ideas section! 

Pyramid product ideas

Decision intelligence guest blogs 

Two more guest blogs written by our partners have been published in recent weeks: 

Implementing Data Mesh with Pyramid Analytics by Mastaneh Nikroo

Mastaneh touches on how Pyramid can be used to build your internal Data Product Structure using the latest features of Pyramid.


Debora showcases how to decide when Aggregations or Raw Level Calculations are the better choice for your analytics. 


Explore Pyramid Server 

The Explore Server has been updated to Pyramid 2023 and now also provides access to Tabulate and Solve. It is the ideal place to run your training (see above) and get experimenting with the latest release.

Winner of the first-ever Pyramid Explore Mission 

Congratulations to Mollie Taylor! Molly used the early mover advantage and booked the first monthly Pyramid Explore Mission Award. You can find and play with the dashboard in the Public Folder of our Explore Server. Well done, Mollie! 


Next data set available for our Pyramid Explore Mission #2 

This month it's not only the data set that lets you be creative: we also cover one of the most creative activities from our youth. The amazing world of plastic bricks! Dive in and search for your most beloved set. We will keep this data set up until the end of July to give you some time to play.  Start discovering!

Data Challenge #2



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