Pyramid Community Weekly Wrap Up - June 8th

Dear Users,

last week had the chance to use some days off and travel a bit by bike, but I would still like to use the chance to welcome our new users and do a quick shout out to those who reached a new certification level. The rest will follow in this weeks Wrap Up.

Who has joined the Pyramid Analytics Community this week

Send your warm welcome to the new users.

Debanjan Chakraborty Donna Scarano Karen DeSantis Nancy DeRiggi Krivorotova Sarah Cheng Paul Yang Naor Vilensky viswa Jagarugallu Subhashini Ganesan Amit Dhaka David Wheatley Giuseppe Zagami Siddharth Garg

If you have been mentioned here, feel free to comment and introduce yourself below. 

News from the Education Team

Level 1

Kamogelo Sedibe - Data Orbis
MUDASSAR SHAIKH - The Honest Consultants

Congratulations, keep going

New Content available on the community

Learning Live: Pyramid Lite - Discover, Present & Publish

In this weeks Learning Live Session we will cover the End User Experience with the Pyramid Lite Range of Discover Lite, Present Lite and latest addition Publish Lite. The Video will walk you through the products and features. 

Full video in the Learning Live Archive.

New Questions and Articles

How to receive a Certification

Analyze further Multiple Measures on 1 Line Chart

for full details, check out and subscribe to: 


Get involved and help us to answer some questions.

If you wondered about the Title Picture, its a local pub in France that I passed. What a better way to spend time 'in the office' - 'au bureau'. Those who met me, I usually compare a good community with a good pub. Welcoming, friendly and helpful Locals, Good Music, Food, Drinks and interaction. 'Au Bureau'

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