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Selected Tips & Tricks from our Customer Success Team

"If I only had known how to do this..." In our recent User Survey a majority of Community Members asked for more Tips & Tricks and Best Practices to be shared on this Platform.

We will listen closely to this. In addition to the creation of new content, we are actively bringing together existing content that has been hidden or 'lost' in the depth of our Webpages.

One Example for this is the Tips & Tricks Collection that has been includes in our monthly  Customer Newsletter for quite a while now.  Dozends of small examples and hint how to tackle every day topics in the Pyramid Analytics Platform.

But, if you don't download and save the PDF or missed out on earlier issues, its valuable content, simple not accessible.

To solve this, all previous Editions of the Tips & Tricks are now gathered in "Best Practices"  among other topics

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