Community News - Learn and play with Tabulate and Solve on the Explore Pyramid Server

Dear Community Users,

with the release of Pyramid 2023, our Modules provide you with a the functionality to close the last mile in analytics. Read more below, and don't miss the chance to experiment with Tabulate and Solve on your own at the end of the article.

Data Maturity and the last Mile

Read more about Tabulate and Solve in the blog by Avi about Data Maturity and the last mile. These two videos give you an even deeper insight of the functionalities.





You are curious but not yet running Tabluate and Solve in your Pyramid Analytics Enviroment? Nothing easier than that

Training and Exploring:

Tabulate and solve are ready in our Learning Hub for you to start training.

Tabulate: https://learn.pyramidanalytics.com/courses/ta/

Solve: https://learn.pyramidanalytics.com/courses/solve-2023/

To give you a chance to play with Tabulate and Solve. Feel free to sign up for our Explore Pyramid Server and experience it for your self. The environment is updated to Pyramid 2023 and ready to go.

Have fun playing.




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