Pyramid 2020.13 Issues Addressed

The following list enumerates all the main bug fixes and minor functional upgrades added to the 2020.13 version. 

Application Fixes and Features


  • Fixed an issue where Cross Join didn't allow an empty column list
  • Fixed an issue where SQL editor test failed when using a Date-Time variable
  • Fixed a format issue (type mismatch) so that the Python function in the Model behaves as it does in Anaconda


  • Improved the Grid lines around the summary area
  • Fixed an issue when a viewer user couldn't run the query after analyze further
  • Fixed an issue with Time Intelligence current switch which was returning an error
  • Fixed an issue where if the screen resolution was less than 1366/768, you couldn't get to all the members in a slicer
  • Fixed an issue with the Date slicer in Firefox browser where displayed Weeks covered the Quick Selections
  • Improved aggregative calculations of the new calendar slicer
  • Queries:

    • Fixed an issue with total context heuristics, causing some values not to appear in the grid
    • Fixed an issue where measure elimination was turning measures into empty columns
    • Fixed an issue in Grand Total when Variable List Formulation was used
    • Fixed the member search when searching for content containing a coma ,
    • Fixed an issue when formatted numeric values would break when text string was used in Custom Measure
    • Fixed an issue in Formulation when using the Lag (1) for the previous year it was showing the wrong value
    • Fixed an issue in the query options when 'Optimize' and 'Show empties' were both on, causing the columns order to change
    • Fixed an issue related to reading empty columns from Sap BW, causing 'Hide Empty' functionality to fail
    • Fixed an issue where the elements search was working inconsistently with BW on Hana data source
  • Charts:

    • Fixed an issue with the motion feature which did not work with Data Labels
    • Fixed an issue where Value labels weren’t working when using custom maps
    • Fixed an issue where Map was zooming out when only one member was selected
    • Fixed an issue where percentage data label were not displayed with stacked 100% column chart
    • Fixed an issue where Series Padding settings of 0% caused white screen when line chart was used
  • Conversations

    • Fixed an issue where the conversation was showing HTML tags after a copy/paste operation
    • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to mark text messages on conversations


  • In run-time Slides list is now scrollable
  • Fixed an issue Related to dice and moving through slides and back
  • Changed behavior, The settings of a slicer created in discover cannot be changed when in present
  • Fixed an issue where Jump To URL was failing when using a caption of slicer member on illustration
  • Fixed a Black screen issue when changing the date format of the 'ModelProcessedDate' in Present
  • Fixed an issue where Interactions to parameters were removed after importing a pie from 2020.04 to 2020.12
  • Fixed an issue when the Browser zoom was set to over 300%, caused the Presentation Nav Tabs text to be smaller compared to the rest of the components
  • Fixed an issue when interacting from a parameter to an illustration with two placeholders, only one of the place holders would get populated
  • Fixed an issue where a Text box in present couldn't be changed to bold after an upgrade from 2020.04.019 to 2020.11.030
  • Fixed an issue when the same discovery was used in two different slides, changing the filter on the 1st slide didn't update the grid on the 2nd slide


  • Fixed an issue where a multi-select tree slicer was set as default, it appeared empty.
  • Fixed an issue that when changing a member of a list with only one member, the change wasn't reflected in the publication


  • Fixed an issue in the List builder when keys were used
  • Fixed an issue where Global Parameter saved within subfolders in a Workgroup didn't appear in Formulate
  • Fixed an issue where a model parameter which wasn't global appeared as global when changing to Script Mode
  • Fixed an issue where a list based on a Calendar date Parameter was throwing an error

Content Management

  • A change in the behavior of themes in an imported Report. If the Theme doesn't exist, the report will get the default theme.
  • Fixed an issue where the save button was clickable but the Save As window did not open for a Viewer user in Analyze Further
  • Fixed Sort in the structure analyzer
  • Fixed a duplicated key error when importing a converted BI Office to another environment
  • Fixed an issue where new tags could not be created
  • Fixed an issue where a viewer user couldn’t delete or rename folders in his private folder
  • Fixed an issue where MDW wasn't showing the missing member
  • Fixed an issue where the Global Parameter that was saved within a subfolder in the Workgroup didn't appear in the tree content in Formulate


  • Fixed an issue when trying to print to PDF some components of the chart were printed incorrectly
  • Added a show title checkbox in printing dialog only when output is Excel (in publication)

  • Fixed an Export issue when a report had Cumulative Totals

  • Fixed an issue when a page repeater with slicers was failing


  • Fixed an issue where you no longer need to refresh the browser in order to get a new authentication cookie
  • Improved Content Security Policy when using eval() caused the embedded content to stop working
  • Enabled custom data to flow through to embedded content


  • Improved indication when using copy, it now highlights the copied text and shows a "copied" message
  • Fixed an issue where measures were missing from the list when creating a security script in the data source manager


  • Fixed an issue when using Azure proxy and SAML authentication a mobile user wasn't checked if the device ID check was turned on


  • A license can now be deactivated after it was expired
  • UI fix in the home screen
  • Added “force clear memory” on the MSOLAP driver, related to Windows connector (DNC) memory usage



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