Amplify your feedback: Pervasive Collaboration with Pyramid

In part 2 of my blog series on analytic collaboration, I cover the powerful ability to comment and annotate data models without specific reports or dashboards.

How to share comments on data that appears in many reports

How can I collaborate with users I don’t know—who are using reports that I don’t know about—using a shared analytics and BI platform? Pyramid provides a solution that enables me to effortlessly collaborate with all users accessing shared data models, regardless of their access to specific reports or dashboards.

The power of annotating data models without attachment to specific reports

Without Pyramid’s solution, I would first have to source any and all reports that access this data point. Alternatively, I could provide comments in a specific report knowing that any other variation of this data in another report or dashboard would not include the commentary. It’s common for a user to abandon the task because of its complexity and difficulty. The organization is left all the poorer for its inability to share insights and collaborate on data and analysis.

Use Case

The following scenario illustrates Pyramid’s commenting capabilities:

  • John, the CFO for Apex Bicycle Company, sees the sales figures for the “Mountain-200 Black bicycle, 46” for the Manufacturer Woolson is down to zero after three consecutive months of positive sales from January to March 2019.
  • After an initial investigation, he wants to alert all users that there is an issue with the vendor, and they should be aware that this could impact future sales in other states.
  • He knows that there are no other users that view his report, but there are three additional departments (Sales Department, Product Department and Procurement Department) that track sales, including the mountain bike referenced above. In some cases, numerous users in each department are running between 10 and 20 different sets of analysis for each department.
  • He would like all users within the three departments to be aware of this issue and to consider this in all reports that reference the declining sales figures.

Pervasive Collaboration

  • With Pyramid, Mike can initiate a conversation thread on the relevant sales data points and invite stakeholders to participate in further discussions.
  • As all stakeholders across all departments access Pyramid’s platform through a centrally hosted browser, Mike knows that all users will be instantly alerted when he comments on the data, regardless of which specific report or dashboard they are using or reviewing. Better yet, the comments will also show up in any ad-hoc review of the data as well.



  • In addition, Mike can take a snapshot of the data—along with specific query at the time of his comment—so that all users will have a historical view of the data at the time the comment was made in case the data changes.


In summary, Pyramid is the only BI tool supplier to provide a powerful, ubiquitous, simple, user-friendly, and pervasive collaboration tool that works on reports and data models alike with live, simultaneous collaborative features.

This post originally appeared at https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/blog/details/blog-amplify-your-feedback-pervasive-collaboration-with-pyramid

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