Upgrading a Pyramid Oracle repository

This article only applies to older installations of Pyramid (prior to version 2020.28) that use an Oracle Repository database or those that have been upgraded subsequently from a pre-2020.28 version with an Oracle repository

If you have an instance of Pyramid that was initially installed as version 2020.28 or later (including 2023), or that uses an MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL repository, you can ignore this exercise.

Before upgrading to Pyramid 2023.10 it is important to first run the below command as an Oracle admin user on the Pyramid Oracle repository database. This is a one time adjustment to the Oracle repository database.

GRANT CREATE VIEW TO <PyramidReproName>;

Replace "<PyramidReproName>" with the name of your Pyramid repository database.

Once the above has been done, confirm that the user now has rights to create views. After which the upgrade to Pyramid 2023.10 can be performed.



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