Blog: Superbowl 2024 - Interactive Football Dashboard

At Pyramid we breathe and sleep data, and for some of the team, they breathe and sleep data and football. So, in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, we put some football dashboards together. Look at some fun facts around the Super Bowl in dashboard 1, and see key Post Season stats for the Chiefs vs. 49ers in dashboard 2.  

Read more on our Main Webpage: https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/blog/super-bowl-dashboard/

You will be able to directly interact with the data on the page as they have been embedded Live. Ask the chat bot to tell you more about any details. Play with the Data and leave a screenshot of your findings in the comments below!

BUT as we are the community, there is more ;-) if you are a Member and Part of the Explore Pyramid Crew. You can access the Environment and see how it was done. The Dashboards are part of the Challenge Folders. We even include the Datasets so you can build your own Super Bowl Dashboard.


 P.S. Will Taylor Swift make it in time? Leave your guesses below ;-)



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