Make Data Relatable through Story Telling

Guest Blog - Tip #3 (of 5) - Make Data Relatable through Story Telling

Navigating Business Intelligence Adoption in Your Organisation

Data becomes more relatable when we weave it into compelling narratives or stories. This makes it relevant to your organisation, and members of your organisation are more likely to buy into it BI if they can see what actual impact it has to day-to-day working lives. Consider how you might make use of this kind of approach:

  • Hold Regular “Data Day” Events where different departments showcase how BI tools have transformed their work. This helps your team as, instead of looking at abstract theories, your team focus on real-world scenarios.
    • Share Success Stories that showcase tangible benefits. Highlight how BI has directly influenced revenue growth, cost savings, or operational efficiency. For example, perhaps a team or individual has who developed a predictive model to optimise supply chain logistics. Recognise their achievements and explain the tangible benefits to the organisation (e.g., saving $$$, reducing waste, reducing carbon).
    • Encourage lively discussions during these sessions, where attendees can ask questions, share their experiences, and discuss ideas for improvement.
    • It can just as easily be “Data & Donut Hours” if your organisation is smaller or time pressures don’t allow for more time.
    • Keep it real. What will make this succeed is other people inside your organisation showing how simple things such as dashboards or reports have had a real and positive impact on how they work.
  • Create and share internal case studies highlighting specific challenges that your BI project solves.
    • Shout about what has been achieved. Remember that when working in Data and BI, the production of a “report” can seem like “just a report”. But most dashboards and reports – when designed well – save time, help customers, help your business and bottom line, and make your lives easier. Shout about this!
    • Run an Awards Program that celebrates teams or individuals who use BI in novel ways. Acknowledge their contributions during company-wide meetings or through internal newsletters.

Do you agree with the above? What is your experience?

In our next blog post, we'll discuss how to Craft a Comprehensive Delivery Plan


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