Learning Hub Use Case: Finance Business Analyst

Dive Deeper into Pyramid Use Cases with the Learning Hub

Did you know that the Pyramid Learning Hub not only offers all the functional courses to get you certified in Pyramid, but we also offer a growing variety of Use Cases that show you how to build a sample Report from scratch. They combine the necessary know how across all Modules that you need to complete the task.

Use Case: Finance Business Analyst:

In less than one hour we guide you how to build a Sales Forecast. So what is the task?

The background

As a finance analyst it is critical to be able to generate reliable forecasts of sales for different segments of the business to guide decision making.  These forecasts must be kept up to date on a daily basis, as new data becomes available it needs to provide guidance for each segment of the business.

The challenge

Generating daily updated forecasts that can be customized to different user needs is a time-consuming process that can introduce errors and inconsistency leading to sub-optimal decision making.

The solution

In this course, we will show you how to create a dynamic report that will let users generate and visualize sales forecasts for various regional and promotional views of all sales. Just Click on the Picture to jump to the course.


This training is based on Pyramid 2020.17. You can find the corresponding Data Models for your training in the Explore Pyramid Environment

What you will learn in this Use Case:

  • how to create a line chart in Discover utilising a dynamic list
  • adding forecasts to charts and how to extend the date range
  • comparing forecast sales with actual sales
  • how to use region filters with group options

To sign up for this Use Case go to the Learning Hub (LMS Subscription required)


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