Pyramid 2023.10: Your Product Ideas Delivered

The following list enumerates all the new features implemented in Pyramid 2023.10. Over 80% are built off the product ideas on this forum or suggestions made by customers.

Click here to see the issues fixed in 2023.10. 


Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Visual Tool-tips


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Create new visual tool-tips using Discover visuals or mini Present dashboards that can be auto adjusted with the context from the primary visualization.
The new Action option will replace the default built-in tool-tips.
Provide users with enhanced insights into the data instantly with visual tool-tips and enable them to make more informed decisions, quicker. The capability is available in both Discover and Present.

Custom Visuals in a Tool Tip

Advanced Tool Tip Options

Mouse Over Tool Tips

Multi-Select option in slicers and lists


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Improved capability to select multiple items in multi-select slicers using CTRL+click and SHIFT+click actions Quicker, more intuitive ways to select multiple elements in a slicer streamlines the user experience.

Hold Shift to Multi-Select

Forecasting Options + Dialog Update


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Use of Gen-AI to auto=create the forecasting member labels that correspond to the member/s being forecasted Provides an easier way to read forecasting results because AI generated member labels directly correspond to existing period time labels.  

Banding Options for Steps in Conditional Formatting


New option to provide a specific color for the boundary between color bands. For example, in positive / negative conditional formatting, define a color for zero, the ”step” between positive and negative.  New option to provide a specific color for the boundary between color bands. For example, in positive / negative conditional formatting, define a color for zero, the ”step” between positive and negative.  Color Band for 0 Value

SAP BW Key and Text Options


Option to show key, text, or both in columns for SAP BW sources Enhance Discover's data organization and identification capabilities to enable user-friendly and insightful reports when using SAP BW. SAP BW Display Key and Text in Slicers

SAP BW Caption Changer


Allow to change SAP BW captions for hierarchy names Enhance Discover's data organization and identification capabilities to enable user-friendly and insightful reports when using SAP BW. Self Server Caption Change    

Broken Hierachical Sorting


New Option to preserve sorting within hierarchy levels when using SQL data sources  Provide users better sorting options when working with hierarchies defined against SQL data sources. Ensures consistent behavior across multi-dimensional and relational sources.   

Improved Member Color Locking


New option to adjust the color directly from color locking dialog instead of formatting panel  Enables faster development when setting colors related to specific members.     



Bookmarks allow you to save multiple slicer selections in a Discovery. You can then select the required bookmark for the Discovery, rather than manually changing each of the slicers.

Allows users to further personalize their Discover experience by saving favorite views of Discover reports for later viewing and continued exploration.

Reduces the time needed to select relevant filters to get desired report views.

Extended Bookmark Functionality

Improved Data Source listing experience with folders and sorting


The data source selection process for Discover reports has been enhanced with the ability to group data sources into folder, sorting by type in addition to the current sort by name. Enhance the data source selection process with a more intuitive and organized structure, especially when navigating a diverse collection of data sources thereby facilitating easier and more targeted data selection process.  

Enabled background chips for Viewers


Enabling viewers to access and remove background chips in Analyze Further Removing filtering restrictions gives more flexibility and robust analytic capability for the Viewer user. Disable Background Chips in Viewer    

Smart Insights added into Discover


Added the Smart Insights tools into the Discover application Brings one-click analysis and insight whilst working interactively with data within Discover.  

Ribbon Updates


Reorganization/reordering of some ribbon elements within Discover The new logical grouping enhances the organization and accessibility of Discover's various capabilities and functionalities.  
Upgraded tool-tip UI Homogenized all tool-tips in Discover Building a consistent tool-tip interface in Discover makes it easier to follow and track data and metadata.  


Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Custom total functions per measure


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New options in the Discover totaling engine that allows different totaling functions for each measure. Increased flexibility in totaling caters for a wider range of use cases with more precise achievement of analytic requirements.

Individual Totals Function per Measure

No totals for certain measures


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New option to turn off totaling for specific Measures in  a query. Increased flexibility in totaling allows for greater precision for analytical requirements. 

Can you switch of totals

Hierarchical treatment in Context Calculations


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New options to incorporate hierarchical structures into the resolution of context calculations. This also extends to totals. Handling hierarchical and totaling structures, makes context calculations more useful and more intuitive for end users.

Context Rank Update

Context Rank to Compute % of Subtotal

New Statistical Options


New options in the Statistics section of Advanced Query in discover allow the user to select Standard Deviation Upper Bound, Lower Bound or Both simultaneously. Quicker, more useable statistical options means faster analytics.


21 new PQL Functions


Twenty-one additional PQL functions across granular, semantic and common libraries, such as Year(), Month(), Quarter() (granular). New PQL functions facilitate more calculations, more easily, and more quickly.

Cumulative Rate Changes

Better control over non-metric query SQL generation


Option to switch between 'group-by' an 'distinct' style queries on queries without metrics by data model. Provides a mechanism to obtain optimum query response times for different classes of databases and technologies. 

Improve performance on very large tables


Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Multi-line data labeling in certain visuals


Support for multi-line data labels within selected visuals For improved data interpretation and accessibility, multi-line data labels have been added to many visuals, allowing users to seamlessly access and interpret detailed data information.

Data Label Formatting

Line Break in Data Labels

Data Label Visible

Data Labels

More control over Gauge Font Scaling


New option to turn responsive gauge font resizing off. More flexible design choices lets designers deliver better looking content.


Value label option for grid indicators


New option to show alternative metric values as an indicator 'value' Provide users with enhanced reporting grid cell display options and provide additional context to data values

Show alternative metric as indicator

Upgraded legend alignment options


Legend options upgraded to include horizontal and vertical alignment. To provide users with greater control over legend presentation to improve their visualizations.   
Chart title alignment and padding options New capability to display breadcrumbs only as the chart title; in addition to improved alignment and padding options Enhancements to chart titles to include the option to display breadcrumbs for improved navigation and context, along with refined alignment and padding options for a more polished presentation. 


Trellis axis alignment and padding options


Addition to define horizontal or vertical orientation of a trellis axis title in addition to improved alignment and padding options For improved flexibility and visual appeal, trellis axis titles now support horizontal or vertical orientation, empowering users to adapt title placement to their specific visualization needs, complemented by enhanced alignment and padding options for refined presentation. 

Ability to adjust the Margins Sizes and Orientation

Data Shape Fill Options


New options added to control the fill color of 'shapes' for relevant visuals. Expanded data shape configuration options enhance the customization of visual representations for relevant data.   

Logarithmic Y-Axis Scales


Addition of support for a Logarithmic scale for the Y-axis. For improved visualization of data spanning multiple orders of magnitude, logarithmic scale support has been added to the Y-axis of visuals, providing a more accurate and compact representation of expansive data. 

Log Scale Axis on Chart

Add Logarithmic Scale

Content Manager

Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Conversation / Workflow upgrade to support interim thread emails


New option to email participants in a thread about every additional comment made. Provides a more robust notification mechanism for instant alerting of new comments when engaging with a conversation or custom workflow.   

Mail notification for Answers in Comments

Ability to send additional e-mails

E-Mail for new comments

Open Multiple files



New capability to select multiple items in the content manager and open them as a group

Opening grouped objects speeds the editing and development process.

Allows content creators to accelerate access to content for editing. 

Open multiple Items at once

Content ID's added to all metadata tips


Content ID numbers added to numerous metadata elements throughout the app Makes it easier to track which content elements are being used from the catalog.

Add Content ID to Metadata



Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Hide maximise Buttons

New option to hide the maximize button for presentations. In some circumstances, a designer of a dashboard may want additional control over how a user interacts with it. This option provides additional runtime control.

Remove a maximise button

Tool Tip Presentations

▶ Video

New Present design option for visual tooltips A new design option for Presentations that will be used to drive visual tooltips - optimized for purpose and size.



Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Scripting Tool- tips and Item Click-through


▶ Video

New ability to see the metadata of items used in formulate scripts: hover over tool-tip with names and locations; and a CTRL+Click option to open the item. Direct inspection and access to item metadata means that developers have faster access to underlying items for inspection and editing, resulting in faster time to debug or construct elements in the catalog.

Easy Access to Item ID Metadata

Direct Access to Content

User Defined Path as Tooltip

Improved Options for script interface


Options to change the font size and font style for the Formulate scripting tools Ability to set, change and adjust UI of the scripting interface makes for more comfortable editing and coding leading to fewer errors and faster development.

Formulate Canvas

Multi-lingual names and descriptions for all formulated objects.


Multi-lingual support has been extended to Formulate for all Formulate Objects Additional support for multi-lingual models in Formulate extends and enhances the usability for multiple language models.


Support for MSOLAP properties in List Builder


Enhancement to the Member List Builder to match against Member Properties in Analysis Services OLAP cubes as well as the Member Name or Key. More flexible and useable options to extend the search and matching against members to create lists.

Custom List Property Enhancements


Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Added data flows widgets:  JSON parser


JSON parser widget now available for data flows in the Model module to untangle JSON blob data stored in database fields. Allows for easy handling of JSON fields embedded or nested in tables.

JSON Data Type

Added data flows widgets: Date-diff calculator


Date-diff calculator widget now available for easier date calculations in the data flows in the Model module. Provides a simple, no-code way to create date difference functions for date-time columns.


Added data flows widgets: Data Pivot


New Data Flow node that provides the ability to pivot rows of data into columns for better table structures. This widget surfaces an intuitive way to rotate/transpose your data into a tabular format so it can be consumed properly in semantics and analytics.


Data modeling option to resync model with database


New Option within data (semantic) modelling,  to 'Sync Schema' of the semantic model to the related data source. Provides a more convenient method to synchronize the semantic structures with the underlying data base.


Added connectors for Dremio


Standardized connector for the Dremio data lakehouse management service. This extends Pyramid's library of standard data connectors  and provide users with greater variety of options to model, merge, report and analyse additional data sources.


Added connectors for Google GA4


Standardized connector for the new Google GA4 data service. This extends Pyramid's library of standard data connectors  and provide users with greater variety of options to model, merge, report and analyse additional data sources.


Added connectors for Box


Standardized connector for the Box cloud storage service.  This extends Pyramid's library of standard data connectors  and provide users with greater variety of options to model, merge, report and analyse additional data sources.

Box Integration

Upgraded connectors for Twitter/X


Upgraded connector for Twitter/X social media platform metrics. This extends Pyramid's library of standard data connectors  and provide users with greater variety of options to model, merge, report and analyse additional data sources.


"Or" join operator


New option to create conditional joins using the 'OR' operator between tables in the Pyramid semantic model.  Further options on joining characteristics expands the data modelling scope for Pyramid models. 

Increase Join Functionality

Upgraded options for file targets in data flow


New options available for how to name output files and which folders or buckets to put them in for systems like Azure Blob and Apache Parquet systems. Provides data modeler greater flexibility to dynamically automate data pipeline processes and reduce manual updates and maintenance.

New Parquet File Target options

Capability to copy the join syntax from modeling


When creating a join, you now have the option to view and copy the SQL expression that will be generated for the join. Allows users to easily copy the SQL code and duplicate a Pyramid join for use in other systems or for testing.

Copy Script Feature in Join Element


Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Cell formatting interface


New cell context menu option to format Tabulate spreadsheet cells in addition to the menu options - including advanced numeric formatting. Further enhances and simplifies the user experience, increases productivity and aligns to other spreadsheet type functionality.

Tabulate font formatting

Upgraded slicer importing


New option to update the elements displayed once the slicer has been imported from source Discover object into Tabulate Improved flexibility to control slicer content based on changes in the semantic model and data source.



Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Upgrade to Solve engine capacity

Upgraded the Solve Optimization engine  - incorporating significantly stronger capabilities and scale. Updated Solve engine allows the processing of larger and more complex optimization and prescriptive analytical scenarios. 


Added Solve engine choices and settings


Added two levels of Solve engine capacity with numerous advanced settings. Reduces TCO by allowing you to select the Solve engine capacity that best aligns with your unique business needs.



Feature Name Description Benefit Community

PDF compression

New, improved file compression applied to all printed PDF output (Discover, Present, Publish, etc.) Reducing the PDF file size by up to 40% means sharing large file attachments is simpler and easier to manage.

Publish PDF File Size reduction

PDF bookmarking


New option to create bookmark links between table of contents and their related sections in generated PDF output from Publish. Simplify the Publication navigation with PDF bookmarks, making it quicker and easier to locate content and analysis in a PDF document.

Bookmarks in PDF


Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Support for Pre-query slicers


Pre-query slicers have been introduced to embedded content, enabling users to refine their searches before querying from embedded content.  To enhance the handling of large or slow data sets, the embedded experience has been enriched with pre-query slicers, empowering users to refine their search results before querying, streamlining data exploration. 


Support for slicers and legends on embedded Discover content


Embedded Discover content now featuring slicers and legends for embedded Discover objects. Embedded Discover objects now offer enhanced interactivity and visual representation with the integration of slicers and legends, enabling users to refine their data exploration and gain deeper insights 


Options to choose export types


Enhancement to Present and Discover embedded to provide options to limit the export types exposed to users. Support to define the Export types when embedding Discover and Present content. Providing an improved end user experience  for embedded content and the choice of ways to export this content.

Remove Print to PDF in Embed


Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Security Section


A new 'Security' section has been introduced to the 'Admin Console', consolidating security-related topics into a centralized hub  To enhance the administrative experience, we have grouped all security-related configurations and settings into a single, centralized section. 


Certificate Manager


New option to manage certificates not issued by a publicly certified certificate issuer.      Administrators can now easily manage encrypted connections to data sources.


Options to set/recycle encryption keys


The Pyramid platform now empowers administrators to set and regenerate encryption keys for enhanced security  Enhanced security measures have been implemented to mallow administrators to set or regenerate encryption keys. 


Options to adjust admin rights for domain admins


Domain administrators can now be granted different administrative privileges, limiting their access to different areas of the admin console.  Enhanced security for multi-tenancy environments has been implemented by allowing the restriction of different administrative tasks for domain administrators. 

Multi Domain Access

Option to run with Service accounts for MSFT data sources


Administrators can now connect to Microsoft Data Sources using service accounts.  Allows for administrators to have a greater choice in configuring infrastructure and network security related to Microsoft data sources.


Updated Global Account mechanism


The mechanics of the 'Active Directory Global Account' for Microsoft data sources has been improved Improves the robustness of the data source connectivity process for more stability.


Logging Interface upgrade: New time filters, indicators, paging mechanism


A revamped interface for querying and viewing logs within the admin console with time filters, indicators and upgraded paging mechanism.  New time filters allow admins to pinpoint specific time frames, ensuring they only view logs relevant to their investigation. The severity indicators provide visual cues to quickly identify critical events, while the paging mechanism enables efficient navigation through large log volumes. 

Allow Log filtering based on time

Option to set language for users


To enhance user convenience, the admin console now provides administrators with the ability to define the native system language for each user.  Enhanced user attribute management capabilities now include language settings for each users. 


Upgraded user import for languages


User import files now support the inclusion of native system language preferences.  Improves the speed in which new users can be added to the system with their specific settings when using the file-based user imports. 


Solver transaction log


Aligning with the enhanced Solver engine's capabilities, a Solver transaction log has been introduced to the Platform for enhanced visibility and control.  The enhanced Solver Engine within the Pyramid platform now provides enhanced telemetry - enabling administrators to gain deeper insights into Solver operations. 


Solver service settings panel


To complement the improved Solver engine, administrators can now manage its settings directly through the admin console.  Pyramid now offers enhanced configurability for the Solver engine, enabling users to tailor its behavior to specific needs. 


Control over system schedule start times


New mechanism to choose the starting hour for certain system schedules More flexibility better reflects real world requirements leading to more stability.

Select time to run ad sync job

Sortable and filterable roles panel


The roles panel through the app now lets users sort and filter roles. More intuitive and functional user management tools means faster maintenance and more accurate management of the system.


Upgraded Audit logging for schedules


Better audit logging of actions on schedules Improvements in audit logging can lead to better understanding of usage and management of resulting action.

Audit when user press stop on schedule

Metadata for data connectors – descriptions and folders


Two new metadata fields, 'folder' and 'description', have been introduced to Data Sources. These are visible when users access data servers throughout the platform. To improve data source discoverability and navigation, two new metadata fields, 'folder' and 'description', have been added to Data Sources. The 'folder' metadata allows users to categorize data sources based on business requirements, fostering a more organized and intuitive user experience. 


Admin Hub

Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Upgraded diagnostic dashboard: mini view and tools to restart services


The Admin Hub has been enhanced with the introduction of a mini view for quick and easy access to key information, as well as the ability to restart the entire platform directly from the hub.  For enhanced administrative accessibility and control, the Admin Hub now features the ability to restart the platform and provides a mini view of running services, enabling administrators to quickly manage and monitor the platform. 


Added admin hub widgets: IMDB diagnostics, prints today, export today

Help Admin hub

Help IMDB Status

▶ Video

Three new Admin Hub widgets have been integrated, providing insights into the In-Memory database, print counts, and Excel export activity.  To provide administrators with a better monitoring the In-memory database and its resource consumption. Other widgets cover monitoring of content exports.

Add Support to manage Resource Consumption

IMDB Server Monitoring

General Infrastructure

Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Encrypted connections to the Repository


New option to provide an encrypted connection to the Pyramid Repository database.  For organizations looking to provide a higher level of security in their Pyramid environment.

Add Support for always encrypted

Solve Service


Pyramids optimization engine, Solve, is now implemented as a separate Service in the Pyramid Platform. Supports two levels of capability. A separate Solve service greatly expands the scalability and performance of optimization problem solving for prescriptive analytical scenarios. 


Gen-AI integration option for AzureAI


Support for a switch between OpenAI and Microsoft Azure AI Large Language Models (LLMs). Enhances the options to connect to an additional Generative AI service in Microsoft Azure.

Support Azure OpenAI

Support for encrypted connections to IMDB


Connections to the Pyramid In Memory Database can now be secured via an encrypted connection An option to achieve higher security levels when using Pyramid's In-memory database.


FIPS encryption mode [BETA]


BETA FEATURE: Initial support for The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2, a US and Canadian government cryptographic security standard.  Specifically designed for those customers requiring FIPS level compliant encryption standards.


K8s Infrastructure

Feature Name Description Benefit Community

Pods running as non-root users

Pyramid Kubernetes pods now run under a non-root  account.  To strengthen security and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, Pyramid Kubernetes now runs pods within a non-root user context, reducing the attack surface and promoting secure container execution. 


Option to run AWS S3 via IAM roles


For AWS-S3 storage, Kubernetes cluster storage can now be configured to utilize an AWS IAM roles  Bolstering security for Pyramid Kubernetes deployments, administrators can now define the installation of AWS S3 storage by utilizing an AWS IAM role, eliminating the need for embedded credentials and minimizing potential attack vectors. 

Support AWS Roles for Authentication

Solver Container The Pyramid Kubernetes implementation has been expanded with an additional container type specifically designed to support the Solver engine  To enhance scalability and resource management for solver-based transactions, the Pyramid platform now employs separate Kubernetes containers for the Solve service, enabling administrators to precisely scale resources based on specific requirements. 



Feature Name Description Benefit Community

API V3 with client SDK libraries in multiple languages [BETA]


BETA FEATURE: The Pyramid API Version 3 includes new functions as well as packaged client Software Development Kits for C#, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python and PHP Extends the range of development options for third parties wanting to integrate their applications with the Pyramid Platform.

OpenAPI Spec for API2.0

New API3 functions:  create Discover reports; create Formulate formulas and lists


The ability to create new Discover and Formulate objects programmatically through the Pyramid API version 3. Provides a mechanism to develop core Pyramid content through external programming tools.

Programmatically create Formulates

New API3 functions:  get/set hierarchy and measure overlays; get/set hierarchy, measure and member security


New API functions to provide programmatic set and get access to model overlay and security functions Provides a mechanism to develop or automate 'overlay' adjustments to semantic models for different roles; or setting granular data security for different roles.

Exporting Attribute Security and Measure Security for Role

New API3 functions: get/set Data Catalogs


New API functions to provide programmatic set and get access to model catalog details. Provides a mechanism to programmatically get or set the data catalog for semantic models. This would facilitate extensibility with other third part data cataloging tools Discover Data Catalog Export

New API3 functions: apply themes to content programmatically


New API functions to programmatically switch the chosen themes of content. The new API function will greatly accelerate the adjustment of themes to existing content by offering programmatic access to this operation.

Batch Apply Themes via API

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