Model Definitions, Materialized Content & Data Security


Pyramid 2018 has a powerful modeling tool set that comes complete with a deep security framework that covers both data and content. 

As a data security platform, Pyramid can secure all layers of the data stack from the server, to the database, to the model, to hierarchies and measures, and ultimately members (row level security). This functionality is available on all data stacks that can be queried natively and directly by Pyramid. (Note: Pyramid security options for MS OLAP and Tabular do not include member level security options since they are facilitated in their respective engines).

An explanation and example of how model definitions work; how definitions create live databases and models ("materialized data content"); and, their accompanying security mechanisms is provided in the attached video.

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    • samuel_alma
    • 5 yrs ago
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    This really helps in understanding how this all works. It feels very analogous to Microsoft Visual Studio and SSMS for Analysis Services.

    • Brandon_Kirsch
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Lots of information packed into 10 minutes.  Good job.

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