Tip of the Day - Visual Tool Tips

Create custom graphic tool tips that display a given data discovery or presentation when hovering over a specified measure in a selected visualization. The report displayed in the tool tip is filtered by the given data point in the current query. The target visual and the tool tip visual can come from different data models. This is a great way to add more context and information to your data discovery. 

For instance, you can make it easy to glean the sales pipeline by supplementing, say, a Sales by Salesperson query from the Sales model with a tool tip showing Opportunities by Salesperson from the CRM. 

Or take Cost by Product from the Sales model, and in the visual tool tip, show the percentage of wastage during production from the Manufacturing model. 

Visual Tool Tip Examples

In this example, hovering over the Bike Stands, Sales data point reveals the custom tool tip featuring a pie chart; looking at the breadcrumb trail (green highlight below), we see the chart is filter by the Bike Stands attribute. 

 In the following example, the custom tooltip exposes a tooltip presentation; this is a streamlined presentation designed and created especially for use within a custom tooltip. 


You can add multiple graphic tooltips to a single visualization, with each tooltip based on a different measure. For instance, you could build a tooltip driven by the sales measure to show a breakdown of sales over time, with forecasting for the next 6 months: 


And create another tool tip driven by the Expenses measure to top 10 products with the highest expense: 


And now for the Net Profit measure, a visual tooltip that shows outliers Product outliers by Net Profit and Sales, filtered by product category: 



Video on how to build a custom Visual Tool Tip

Watch this short video to learn how to build custom tool tips. Click here for more details in our Help Pages. 


Let us know how you like these small tips below and if you have questions or topics to be answered.



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