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Sneak: How to use the Mini Tab Layout

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How to use the Mini Tab Layout

Mini-Tabs are a layout container that uses a tabbed container to display multiple visualizations and other assets in the same canvas, with the tabs allowing end-users to toggle from one content to another. The container features multiple tabs where a single asset can be added to each tab, and a single tab can be displayed at any one time.

  1. Start by creating a new presentation

  2. Click ‘Add Mini Tab’ from the canvas menu to add a mini tab onto the canvas. Resize mini tab according to content you plan on adding.

  3. Add content to mini tab by dragging and dropping content from a folder to the first tab of mini tab container. Add another content to the second tab of container.

  4. Rename each tab. Right click on the container > minitab > edit tab

  5. Add the tab name and choose icon to represent the name of the tab. Choose Text and Icon which will show not only the name but the type of visualization on the tab name. Click apply.

  6. Run the presentation and now you can view multiple types of content in one mini tab container. Notice how the icon next to the tab name represents the visualization that is contained in the tab.

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