How to build a scrollable Panel in Present. From Tips / Tricks Vol 4/21

Sneak: How to build a Scrollable panel layout

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How to build a scrollable panel layout

A new scrollable panel layout container for dashboards has been added, allowing designers to build content that scrolls off the screen, side by side with fixed position content. The new layout option expands the ways content can be laid out and displayed to end-users. It allows designers to make better use of slide real estate by allowing content to scroll off-screen while still allowing other elements to remain statically positioned on screen.

  1. In the following slide we will add a scrollable panel with three reports

  2. Add the scrollable panel, right to the existing content

  3. From the content explorer we will add a few reports within our scrollable panel (place report objects right on top of the scrollable panel)

  4. Now, when we run the dashboard, we can see how we can scroll the reports inside the scrollable panel, without the scroll affecting the two other reports

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