How to create a uniform look for panels in your dashboard. From Tips & Tricks - Vol 1/21

Sneak: Uniform Look for Panels 

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How to create a uniform look for panels in your dashboard (with or without using a theme)

Dashboards are easier to view and understand when they have a consistent look and feel to them. This How To will show you how to create a uniform look, when you don't have a Theme in place. When to use: When you don’t have a theme, and want each panel in your dashboard to have a similar look and feel (colors, fonts, etc).

  1. Pick a dashboard

  2. In Edit Mode, go to your Present components at the top and click on Slide

  3. Click the drop-down menu on Show Panels, choose More Panel Options

  4. Customize your panels - change background, border, text etc., and click OK.

  5. Run your dashboard

    You now see that all panels have the same Header Style.


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