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Sneak: How to create a Matrix Table Layout

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How to create a Matrix Table Layout

A Matrix Table Layout container for dashboards and publications has been added that will allow designers to arrange multiple visualizations and illustrations using a tabular structure with rows, columns, and associated formatting.
This layout option expands the ways content can be laid out and displayed to end-users. It allows designers to build a tabular layout of different content elements, which are often used when building KPI scorecards

  1. Start by creating a new presentation
    Click ‘Add Matrix Table’ from the canvas menu to add a default table of 3 columns and 3 rows

    Or you may right click the tool to specify the table size

  2. Resize the column or row boarders by clicking and dragging the lines within the matrix. Begin to add your discover items/content you would like to include in the matrix.

  3. Add a slicer to the presentation by which you want to filter your dashboard with. Do this by clicking ‘Add New Slicer” from the canvas menu. Define interaction between slicer and objects. Run the presentation.

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