How to build visualization according to the IBCS Standard

How to build visualizations according to the IBCS Standard

Based on Ideas from our Customers we added a new set of visualizations to Pyramid visualization library that allow users to build Reporting that follows the suggestions of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

The IBCS standards are a comprehensive set of guidelines that provide a framework for improving the design and effectiveness of charts. By following these standards, you can ensure that your charts are visually appealing, easy to understand, and facilitate accurate interpretation of the data they present.

This Video shows you how to use these Chart Types:


Step by Step Guide:

How to create a IBCS Waterfall Chart

Step 1: Create a new discover from a Financial Performance Model

  • In this tip and trick we will start by creating a new discover by selecting a green discover icon > select Financial Performance Model. This will open the discover canvas.

Step 2: Column Chart drop down.

  • Cost Centers > Drag and drop Dept name to a column chart.
  • Select show business Logic under measure then select “Act” and “Bud” measures.

NB: Notice there is no real consistency, and you cannot really see the relationship between the two measures.


Step 3 : Apply a filter.

  • Cost Centers > Hierarchies > drag and drop Cost Centers Hierarchy to filters > drop down
  • Dates > Time Intelligence > drag and drop Date year to filters > drop down

Step 4: Change visualization to IBCS Waterfall Chart

  • Select IBCS Column Chart


Step 5: Set the formatting Panel.

Under the Formatting panel > within IBCS Column Chart > Change Upwards to ‘Green’ and Downwards to ‘Red’


 And below is the final Discover of the IBCS Waterfall chart.

This reporting has been built on the Financial Performance Data Model. You can find it on the Explore Pyramid Environment to recreate this example. 

If you have further questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment below.



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