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Sneak: How to Copy&Past Slices between slides

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How to "Copy&Paste" between Slides

There is now a new feature in Pyramid 2020 that allows users to copy & paste content/slicers, when building a dashboard, in two different ways:

In this example we are going to use ‘Paste in Original Position’; this a very nice feature that we can use to paste slicers in the same slide position; in this way we will have the slicers still in the same position when the user navigates through the dashboard.

  1. From a dashboard, go to the slide where you have the content/slicer that you want to copy. In this example we want to copy two slicers: Reporting Year and Region, in the Channel Analysis slide, into the Product Analysis slide, in the same position to have both well aligned.

  2. Select both Slicers and right-click, from the context menu select Copy

  3. From the slide navigation panel select the slide where you want to paste the two slicers, right-click and, from the context menu, select:
    Paste in Original Position:

  4. As you can see in the image, both slicers, Reporting Year and Region are now in the slide in the same position.

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