How to define Swap/Add/Dice Dimensions in Presentation. From Tips & Tricks July 22

Sneak: How to define Swap/Add/Dice Dimensions 

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How to define Swap/Add/Dice Dimensions in Presentation

Within a presentation it is possible to Swap/Add/Dice by a dimension within a visual. By right clicking a dimension/ member on the visual and selecting either Swap/Add/Dice, as illustrated below. By default, this shows all dimensions available in the data source, depending on the data source this could be over complicated for end users, fortunately in Pyramid there is a method to limit these options.

  1. Within the presentation designer take a look at the main ribbon. Make sure you are on presentation tab as above and click the top half of the runtime settings button.

  2. You are presented with the following window, from here select the Hierarchies tab. You are now able to select/ deselect which hierarchies you wish users to interact with on the dashboard in the right click menu. Making it simpler for users to get straight to the information they need by swapping/adding/dicing only the most relevant information. Remember to click save once you have finished selecting your hierarchies.

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