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How to integrate content from Pyramid into Salesforce

Create Content in Pyramid

In this document we are showing how you can embed a present object from Pyramid into Salesforce, and do it in context with specific SFDC objects, such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and others.

When building your present that you want to embed, the only real difference between a normal present and a present you want to embed is that here you will need to create a target.

1.      On the left side of the designer page, click on the “Targets” tab.

2.      Click the “+” icon to add a target.


 3.      Double click on the newly created target to rename to what you want.


 4.       Connect your target to one of the slicers either visible or hidden on your page.


 Creating your Dynamic URL to embed into SFDC

This section is all about creating the URL that will be used in Salesforce to launch your dashboard in context of the Salesforce object.  Below is a link that lays out the steps to create this URL. 

Pyramid Help – Target Parameterization for Presentations

When you get the part of the URL where you need a specific value from Salesforce, you will need to identify the object name in Salesforce you want to use.  This can be found in the Advanced Settings section of Salesforce.  If you look in the Object Manager area, it gives you a list of all Objects you can use.  Just to reference how I wrote the Account Name object, see below.  If you are not sure, one way to do it is to ask ChatGPT and look for the URLEncode syntax in the results.

Account Name Object



Taking that into consideration, below is the finished URL I put to call me dashboard from Pyramid.


Create a Visualforce Page in Salesforce

To embed your dashboard into Salesforce, you will first have to create a new Visualforce Page.  This will create  the code that will be embedded in an iframe in Salesforce.


 When you create a new page, it can be as simple as the below example or as complex as you would like.


 Adding Visualforce Page

The last step is to add your Visualforce page to the layout of your Salesforce page you want it to appear in.  If you go to the object you want to embed into, you should see a Lightning Record Pages section.  Here is where I found you can easily add an iframe and insert your Visualforce Page.



Let us know if you have questions or need help.



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