How to: Add Link Backs from a Presentation

How to: Add Link Backs from a Presentation into Pyramid

When sending out a Presentation to your users, it is very helpful to provide them a way to link back into the Application for further analysis. With Pyramid 2023 it is now possible to this with just a few clicks. Below you will find a short description and a video on how to do this.

How to add ‘Link-Back’ to a document

There is two ways of adding a link back. Please be aware that link back works on multiple documents formats such as Power Point, Excel, PDF just to mention a few.

Using a Schedule

The first way is through a schedule, when scheduling a Publication.


Running it ad hoc when Print/Exporting

The second way is when executing a Publication by running it, then within the setting you click on Add link-back

Tips &Tricks Video

To make this even easier. Please find this solution in a short video:


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