How to use the interaction picker. From Tips & Tricks July 22

Sneak: How to use the Interaction Picker

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How to use the interaction picker

The Interaction tool is a new mechanism for adding and reviewing interactions between content elements when designing a Present dashboard. This feature provides a new and intuitive way to add and edit interactions between content items in a Present dashboard. It also simplifies interaction management by providing a streamlined technique for limiting interaction arrows to those that are relevant for a given visual. It will allow an end-user to add interactions between visuals and slicers and to view interactions item by item.

  1. Open a Presentation

  2. Click on the Interaction Picker

  3. Click inside the panel to see the interactions that exist within the presentation. The interactions will be presented with arrows.

  4. Right click on an arrow and click edit. This will take you to the interaction manager where you can add or remove actions.

Note: There is also an Interaction Manager button that can be accessed from the ribbon. You can also show all of the interactions simultaneously by clicking the interactions button.

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