IMDB hangs during install on Linux Centos

We found that in some case when installing Pyramid on Linux Centos, the installer hangs on the IMDB phase.

In the current installer 2018.05.642 (5.4)
there's a missing switch "-y" that enable the installation to proceed without the user intervention.

in order to fix the problem please follow the instruction below:


  1. Stop the installation.
  2. Delete the following files:
    Under /etc folder, delete the following file: pareg.ini
    Under /etc you will have the following folder: init.d, inside the folder you will need to delete the following files:
    • pyramidAgent,
    • pyramidFs,
    • pyramidPG,
    • pyramidRTE,
    • pyramidTE,
    • pyramidWeb.
  3. Now install the missing feature: sudo yum install yum-utils
  4. Run the installation again.


For a clean install, simply start from step 3, then 4.
This should be fixed for version 6 onwards.