How to update your license when moving your Pyramid 2018 install to a new server

NOTE: Relevant for version .81

The Pyramid 2018 license is tied to the machine key which is unique to each server/computer. Therefore when moving a Pyramid 2018 install to a new server it will be necessary to update the license with the new machine key.
Without doing this update a license violation error will be shown when logging in.

Your Pyramid account manager can update your license for you. 
For them to do so, they will require the deactivation key from the current install and the machine key from the new install. See below on how to get these keys:

  1. Deactivate the Pyramid 2018 install where is currently is installed as shown below:
    Admin>Access>Licensing>Deactivate Machine 
    After clicking on the "Deactivate machine" button, the deactivation key will be shown which should be copied and saved to send to your account manager to update the license key.

    Click on the Copy key button to save the key to the clipboard and save this in a safe place.
  2. Once you have installed Pyramid 2018 on the new server, log in to it, and click on the "New Deployment" tab > Generate Machine Key>Copy.

    Once the deactivation key from the old install and the machine key from the new install have been acquired, send them to your Pyramid account manager. They will then issue a new license key which can be uploaded using the "Upload" button shown above.