How to fully uninstall the Pyramid 2023 "Archimedes" Limited Testing Program 1 (LTP1) release on Windows OS

This article is relevant for you if you are planning to uninstall the Pyramid 2023 "Archimedes" Limited Testing Program 1 (LTP1) release when using Windows OS.

If you have uninstalled the Pyramid LTP1 release using the uninstaller, but some components were not removed, please take the following steps:

  1. Check if all Pyramid services were removed by the installer, you can check it by going to task manager -> services -> search for Pyramid services.
    Should there be any services left over, go to step 2 to see how to remove them, otherwise skip to step 3.
  2. If there are any services left, first make sure to stop them.
    Then use the "sc delete" command from a command line prompt ran as an administrator to remove them.
    The command needs the service name.
    To get the service name, right-click on the service -> Properties and look for the "service name" property. 
    For example, to remove the "Pyramid AI" service run the following:
    sc delete PyramidAI

  3. Check that the installation folder and Pyramid services are completely removed.
    If the folder was not deleted, then manually delete it. (default location is C:\Program Files\Pyramid).
    You may need to restart the server before it allows you to delete it.
  4. Reboot the machine before trying to re-install again.