How to best uninstall/Re-install the Pyramid 2018

Before uninstalling, please note that:

  • When uninstalling the Alpha or Beta releases that are using the built-in repository, uninstalling will wipe out the database permanently.
    If you wish to keep the database, please back it up manually before the uninstall.
  • During the uninstall of the RTM, you can back up the built-in repository during uninstall.
  • Content that was created in the Alpha or Beta releases will not work in the RTM release.
  • R is uninstalled on its own. Just confirm it was removed.
  • The services and shares removed by the uninstaller as well. Just confirm they were removed.
  • The IIS website is removed by the uninstaller. If it was not removed, it can be removed manually. You can manually uninstall IIS if you wish.

If your installer fails, or if you have uninstalled Pyramid 2018 but some components were not removed, do the following:

  1. Uninstall the application properly from windows.
  2. Check that the installation folder is completely removed.
    if not delete it completely.
  3. Uninstall the R installation.
  4. Optional: Download and run the attached* command script.
    This script will wipe out all services and folder shares and remove the registry entries.
    - Make sure NO "Pyramid ..." services exists.
    - Check that Registry entry was removed.
      If it wasn't, delete it manually. (See attached image)
  5. In some cases, a reboot is required.

*Save the attached script to your computer (you will need to unzip the file). Then run it as an administrator. It will stop and delete services and removed folder shares.

The installer enables to install to IIS and to remote or local existing SQL/Postgres repository.
Currently, with the RTM version, you CANNOT install on top of an existing repository.

When the machine is clean, you can attempt to reinstall if needed.

If you require assistance, please open a support request by sending an email to Support@PyramidAnalytics.com