Logs Locations

Pyramid was created to cater to both enterprise-level and individual users.
As a result, it can be divided among several servers, generating various logs that aid in analyzing the system.

Below are the locations of all the different Pyramid logs:

Pyramid Admin console Logs

These are records kept in the Pyramid repository and are accessible from the Admin console.

  1. System logs - Collecting Errors / Warning / Information / Debug / Trace
    Log duration and what type of logging is configurable in the admin console.
  2. Audit logs - Collecting entry logs of each user to the app. (We don't log Logout)
  3. Transaction - Collecting information on each query that is run in the system.
  4. Benchmark - Collecting info for each request in the system passing through the system and how long it took in each part of the system.
  5. Install / Upgrade Logs - Important to help troubleshoot installation problems

To access the logs: Admin >> Logs >> System / Audit / Transaction / Benchmark.

*It is imperative that you select the correct time frame when utilizing the "Filter By Last" function.


servers / services Logs

We collect information from the following servers:
Some of it makes it into the system logs, but this file contains more detailed information.

  1. DNC - Dot Net Connector, or the Windows connector, in short,
    used to connect to OLAP data sources.
  2. Runtime engine
  3. Task engine

Kept in the file system in the "log" folder, found on each Pyramid server in the deployment, which by default can be found here:

C:\Program Files\Pyramid\log


Satellite logs

By default 

C:\Program Files\Pyramid\satellite\log



The Pyramid IMDB (In Memory Data Base) logs

By default on the server that has the IMDB installed on:

C:\Program Files\Pyramid\imdb\irdb.log

It is also possible to limit the sizes of log files.

To do so, you will need to update the logback.xml file in each service you wish the change to be in.
Before any changes, please back up your logback.xml.

In your pyramid folder, open the folder of the service you want to edit->

/conf/logback.xml, and in the file add the following: <totalSizeCap>the value you want</totalSizeCap>

The changes will take place after you update the files.

Install / Upgrade Logs

The Pyramid Install/Upgrade logs can help identify installation issues.



Or in a run box and type %temp% to take you to the user's temp folder.

*replace user_name with the user name of the user that did the Pyramid install.  
The install logs are being saved on two types of logs,

  1. installerbuilder_install.log
  2. pyramidinstaller.log

There might be more than one, One for each installation made.
Sort the logs by date modified to get the latest log.