Pyramid Data Tip of the Day - Admin Hub Widgets

Video of the Day โ€“ Admin Hub Widgets

Our video of the day looks at the newest widgets available in the Admin Hub from our recent release Pyramid 2023.10.

The Admin Hub displays the topology of the services in the Pyramid cluster, including high level diagnostic data. This enables system administrators to control and monitor the system health, tasks, and usage in Pyramid. 

You can customize the hub as needed by adding a range of widget presets showing information about the current licensing, pulse nodes, task status, users, and more. Customization lets you keep track of the metrics that are most important to you. 

The latest widgets available in the Admin Hub are: In Memory DB Status, Prints Today, and Exports to Excel Today.

The In Memory DB Status widget (image below) lets you monitor the status of IMDB servers in real time, helping you manage and understand the load and performance of the IMDB. The widget shows you the database name and resource usage information for the host machine's CPU, RAM, and HDD. You can also restart the service and download a log of database activities. 

The Prints Today widget (purple highlight below) allows you to track the number of items exported for printing. And Exports to Excel Today (green highlight below) enables you to track the number of items exported to Excel.

How to configure the Admin Hub 

Watch this short video to learn about the new Admin Hub Widgets. Click here for more details in our Help Pages.

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