How to clean up the Pyramid "General" Folder


If you are using  Pyramid 2020.20 and above, the maintenance tool is now built in to the product.  The default path to it is- C:\Program Files\Pyramid\core\maintenance.

For more info, please see our help article here. The clean up process is also now automated within the Pyramid application and you should not have the need to run it manually.  Only in cases where the general folder is very large should you need to run it. 

The following can be run on all Pyramid servers in your installation.
When the next major release of Pyramid comes out this process will be automatic for printing files created after it is installed/upgraded. 

The "general" folder contains files among other things, created during the printing process. If the "general" folder, found by default here (C:\Program Files\Pyramid\repository\general), has grown to a large size, it can be cleaned up to remove any redundant files using the following instructions.
The files that are deleted by the cleanup tool are the ones that are older than 48 hours.
The kind of files that are deleted are only the prints, which means only the ones that you have clicked export\print, get saved in the general folder, and when using the cleanup tool it will delete them.

1) Download the attached zip file and unzip it.

    NOTE: Please download the file that is relevant to your Pyramid version.

2)Open a command prompt(as admin) from the folder you unzipped the files to (This can be done by holding down the shift key and right-clicking.) and run the below command:

For cleanupTools 2018:
java -classpath "lib\*;conf\*;" com.pa.tools.PrintingDirectoryCleaner  path="C:\Program Files\Pyramid 2018\config.ini"

For cleanupTools 2020:
java -classpath "lib\*;conf\*;" com.pa.tools.cleanup.PrintingDirectoryCleaner  path="C:\Program Files\Pyramid\config.ini"

For Linux

/opt/pyramid/java/bin/java -classpath lib/*:classes/*: com.pa.tools.PrintingDirectoryCleaner  path="/opt/pyramid/config.ini"

*change the path location to reflect the drive that you have Pyramid installed on.

3) Once the tool has finished removing any files that are not needed, you will see the below summary screen at which point the command prompt can be closed.

**Please note, you may need to set up your Java paths as below if the above commands fail.**

This link explains how to do this, however, use the below paths, not the ones in the link.


For 2018-

C:\Program Files\Pyramid 2018\java8\jre\bin;
C:\Program Files\Pyramid 2018\java8\jre;

For 2020-
C:\Program Files\Pyramid\java

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