How to read and use the Pyramid System Logs

The "System logging Type" that is turned on, is set under Admin>Settings>Logging.

In the example below we can see that only the Type "Error" is turned on.


In total there are 5 types of logging that can be enabled. Error, Warn,Info,Debug and Trace.

When choosing a Log level type Pyramid will record that level type and the one above it. For example if "Warn" is chosen, Pyramid will record "Warn" and "Error" type logging.


Choosing anything below Error may result in degraded performance. It will usually only be turned on at the request of the Pyramid support team.  

To view the logs navigate to Admin>Logs>System

Under the log Level it is possible to choose which type of log to view. When choosing a Log level type to view, Pyramid will show that level type and the one below it.

So choosing "Error" will only show "Error" logs, where as Choosing "Warn" will show the log level for "Warn" and "Error" together.