How to Update Python and/or R Packages

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This How To has been create based on the The Tips&Tricks Series featured in out monthly User Newsletter. To make it easier to keep them as a reference, these Tip & Tricks come as printable PDFs.

This tip shows your how to update your R or Python environment in Pyramid. Packages used within environments need updating depending on the different types of functionality an end user wants to be able to access. To update packages, follow these steps.

1. Choose your Environment

Select the environment you want to edit in the list, and click on edit.

2. Select your Package

In edit screen, click on the Packages tab, select the package that needs to be updated and click on edit.

3. Update Package

In edit package screen, type in the version you want to update. Validate to make sure it is the right version, and click on OK, and the package will then get updated.

4. Deploy Package

Click on save, and it then updates the environment. Once the status is green, it’s ready for use with the updated package.


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