Community Tips: How do I suggest a new topic in the Learning Live Sessions

All existing Learning Live Sessions will soon be also accessible via the Community in our Best Practices Category. If you can't find the content yet, please also check the Learning Live Archives for additional sessions

If you can't find what you are searching for, please consider to leave a suggestion in the Learning Live Topic Suggestion Box

You can find this Category in the Best Practices Section.

2. Support or Comment on an Existing Idea

When you jump into the Suggestion Category (you need to be logged in to see this area) you find, that you can sort the Suggestions by Number of Views, Newest Entries, Activity Level, Status of the Sugestion or Tags.

When you check on the first Suggestion in the List, we can see that did covers the topic and gives a rough idea what could or should be covered. If you also support this Topic, use the vote button to show your love, or add a Comment below as a reply. 

This helps the Team to prioritize and work on the right topics.


Lets assume, you did not find your topic or another solution to your issue. (You need to be logged in to do this)

How can you post your own Suggestion. When you are logged in,  you can find the Topic Suggestions in the Best Practice Area.

Learning Live Topic Suggestions, where we will be posting in a minute. If you follow this section, you will receive notifications whenever something is added to the section.

You can now "Suggest a Topic".

In the Idea you have full editing power, you can even add Code and attach Documents. 

Ideally, the Topic includes

  • what would you like to be covered
  • what the Software Version and Environment you are on
  • what would you like to have learned after the session
  • ...

Make sure you have written down all the necessary information, keep it short and crisp but give us enough background.

Happy? Then Press the button "Post". You can always come back later and edit your Suggestion.

You will get notified if you get a comment or a status update on your suggestion. If you don’t please check your notification settings.

If you further questions about this Suggestion Page, please contact the Community Team

We're happy to get your experiences and feedback on this article below! 

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