Community Tips: Direct Messaging in the Community

Using Direct Messages in the Community

Using a direct message is an easy way to follow up on a question, or comment on an article or going deeper without being too public. (Don't spam and please remember the Community Guidelines) There are a few simple steps to follow to enable you to send messages.

1. Make sure Direct Messages work for your account

Direct messaging is enabled for all users that have a verified e-Mail Adress. So, first we need to make sure your account is able to send and receive Messages:

There are three simple steps to ensure you have the right to send messages. If you see the little speech bubble beside your Profile Picture on top of the page, you are good to go.

If not... first "Verify your E-Mail Account"

Then check in your Notifications if you have un-ticked the Messaging box.

If you want to receive a copy of these messages via e-Mail, keep the Notification Box On, and Enable Private Messages.

If you still don't see the speech bubble, let us know: community@pyramidanalytics.com

2. See your inbox and checking Messages

- Usually you should now see the Speech Bubble on top of your page and it has a red number indicating the number of unread direct messages.

- If you click on the Symbol it takes you to your direct messaging inbox

- to read any of the messages, just klick on the message and it will show the message on the right

- to Reply. Just go to the REPLY box on the bottom of the page and start typing away.

You can also directly reply in the chatbox that shows at the bottom of your page.

(BTW: You Should always reply to messages from me...
Looking forward to hear from you)

3. Sending a new Message

To start a new message, you can access the Messaging Center via "View all Messages" clicking on the Speech Bubble.

Here you can reply to any open message, or start a new one searching for the right person. (No Spam, no strange things. Please report if you feel uncomfortable...)


You can also mark messages as unread, Delete whole conversations and Archive.

As an alternative you can go to the Profile Page, remeber to add a picture. And Follow that person, and send a message.

If neccessary you can also BLOCK a user. Please notify us via: community@pyramidanalytics.com so we can also take appropriate action.


We hope this helps you using the Direct Messaging System in the community. If you have any further questions, just send me a Direct Message... Christian Langmayr

Hmmm, or may be a mail to community@pyramidanalytics.com if the messaging does not work.

Your Community Team