Learning Live: Speed up Analytics Deployment for your Teams

About this Video:

The Analyst License is designed to provide intermediate access for users with moderate experience on data analytics using the lite version of the Pyramid platform. The Analyst user type provides a Viewer user the next step in their ability to create and share content with colleagues within the Pyramid’s platform, we will dive into the experience an Analyst user would have in the platform by creating a dashboard and publication using our Discover Lite, Present Lite, Publish Lite and Tabulate Lite.


This video will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Pyramid User Types
  • Analyst License
  • Analyst User experience Demo
    • Discover Lite
    • Present Lite
    • Publish Lite
    • Tabulate Lite
  • Open Q&A

And here is the link to the video: Speed up Analytics Deployment for your Teams




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