Learning Live: Demystifying Data Science

Data Science is one of the hot topics in Business Analytics for a while. But seeing it implemented in actual Daily Reporting and Workflow is not as common as you could think. Too many End Users seem to be 'frightened' by the overhead of AI and ML. This does not have to keep you from Using it. Pyramid has made it extremely easy to give users access to the right tools to profit from these technologies.

In her Presentation Kelly Lu demystifies Data Science, explains the basics of Machine Learning and Augmented Analytics and how end users of Pyramid can profit from the capabilities baked into the product with a few click or even with 'speaking' to our NLQ Chatbot. You will see the live examples of the implementation. You can follow these examples on our Explore Server.


This video will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Machine Learning
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Natural language Chat-bot
  • Smart Insights
  • Explain
  • Data Science learning in Pyramid
    - Model Ops Process
    - In Discover and Model
    - Generative AI 
    - LLMs

And here is the link to the video: Demystifying Data Science



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