Learning Live: Mini-Tabs, Conditional Display and Scrollable Panels

About this Video:

In this video we give you an overview on how to use  newer features that were introduced with 2020.20 to give you more options in Present. We will take you through Mini-Tabs, Conditional Displays, Matrix-Tables and Scrollable Panels. (available in Present and Matrix-Tables also in Publish)

Lets check out this session, in the video we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the new Options
    • Mini-Tabs
    • Conditional Displays
    • Matrix-Tables
    • Scrollable Panels

And here is the link to the video: Mini-Tabs, Conditional Panels, Matrix-Tables and Scrollable Panels

The Learning Live Series is your place to keep learning more about the Pyramid Platform. Additionally to our Product Training this offers you complementary content to excel in your daily tasks.

The Videos cover all the different Modules of the platform, the team has created a series in the past month that help you and are meant as a reference. (Note that some of the older ones might show earlier releases of the GUI)

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