Learning Live: Enriching Data with Python Scripts

About this Video:

In this video we give you an overview about how you can enrich your analytics data with Python Script.


Lets check out this session, in the video we will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Python nodes and their purpose in Pyramid
  • How Python can be used to access data via an API
  • How we can directly pull a flat file from the web with a Python script
  • Data transformation and enrichment
  • Augment Python scripts with out of the box Pyramid data modeling capabilities

We will walk users through an example of implementing a simple script to pull Census Economic Indicator data via an API and augment that with US Covid case data from an open-source flat file using python script as well.

We will then create a dashboard to showcase how the data we load via Python can come to life in the Discover and Present modules.

And here is the link to the video: Enrich your Data with Python

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    • charlesreily
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    I didn't expect it could be so easy. Thanks for sharing. This video provides a comprehensive overview of leveraging Python scripts to enrich analytics data in Pyramid. The content covers essential topics, such as understanding Python nodes in Pyramid, accessing data through APIs, pulling flat files from the web, data transformation, and augmenting scripts with Pyramid data modeling capabilities.

    The practical example of pulling Census Economic Indicator data via an API and enriching it with US Covid case data demonstrates the power of Python scripting data enrichment companies. The video not only guides users through the implementation of a simple script but also showcases the process of creating a dashboard in the Discover and Present modules.

    This approach not only simplifies the data enrichment process but also highlights the seamless integration of Python scripts with Pyramid's data modeling features. For those looking to enhance their analytics capabilities, this video serves as a valuable resource. It's inspiring to see how Python can bring data to life, and the link to the video provides easy access to dive deeper into the enriching world of analytics with Python.

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