Browser Settings for Windows Authentication

To configure IE for windows authentication, please do the following:

1. Add your Pyramid's Web site to the list of TRUSTED SITES or Local intranet in the browser through Tools > internet options > Security > Trusted sites > Sites

2. Configure IE for automatic logon with current credentials by enabling "Automatic Logon with current username and password" in Tools > Internet Options > Security >Trusted sites(or Local intranet) > Custom level.

 3. Make sure Internet Explorer is configured for Integrated Windows Authentication through: Tools > Internet options > Advanced > Scroll all the way down and make sure that "Enable integrated Windows authentication" option is checked.

4) If users are still getting a login prompt please make sure that you have a valid HTTP spn for the site name. To set this SPN you must be a domain admin. Open a command prompt and use the following command

setspn -s HTTP/MyPyramidSite.com.FQDN ServerName$

setspn -s HTTP/ MyPyramidSite.com  ServerName$

*replace "MyPyramidSite.com" with your pyramid website address

*replace "FQDN" with your fully qualified domain name.

*replace "ServerName" with the machine name of the Pyramid web server. In most cases the machine name is used. If you are using IIS and running the application pools under a AD user, then user domain\ADUser instead of the machine name.


To setup google chrome or firefox for windows authentication please see the link below:

Please note there is only a need to do the below setup, if the users are getting a login prompt after windows authentication has been turned in the Pyramid 2018 admin and you have confirmed that you have a valid HTTP spn for the Pyramid site as explained above in number 4.


In case you are still having issues logging into Pyramid using Windows Authentication, please contact support.