Firewall Settings for Pyramid

When Pyramid is installed across multiple servers and there are internal firewalls between them, the following ports must be opened between all servers. All ports are TCP.

  • Pyramid File Server - 12150**
  • Pyramid Agent - 12190**
  • Pyramid Task Engine  - 12110
  • Pyramid Runtime Engine - 12100,12101
  • Pyramid Router Server - 12120
  • Pyramid Windows Connector (Windows Cx) -12140,12141 
  • Pyramid Web Server - 8181 *
  • Pyramid Web Server (internal communication) - 8282
  • Pyramid In-memory Database - 12170
  • Internal PostgreSQL Database Repository - 12130
  • Augmented Analytics server ("AI") (DS/ML) - 12200
  • Pyramid NLP (Natural Language Query) - 12300

All Pyramid services must be able to communicate with each other directly so all the ports must be open between all the servers in the Pyramid install.

NOTE: If the designated port is in use when the service starts up it will try to use the next available port. The ports that are being used can be confirmed by looking at the diagnostic page found at http://MyPyramidSite.com/Diagnostic

For disabling the port incrementation behavior to prevent a situation when an incremented port is not available, add into the table [dbo].[admin_tbl_settings] in the Pyramid repository a row called "autoAdvancePort" and set its value to false. This option is available only from version 2020.23.120.

* The web servers are accessible through port 8181. In production, reverse proxies are usually setup to communicate with the web servers on this port only. Then, the proxies typically expose ports 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS) to users. So, port 8181 need only be accessible inside the firewall.

**The agent and file server are installed on each Pyramid server where one of the other services have been installed.