How to share Pyramid Reports and Dashboards in Microsoft Teams

The easier Users can get access to information, the better. One way to bring Data to End Users it to integrate it into internal communication platforms like Teams.
Thank you to our Community Member Ove Sandau  to share this

How can you share Pyramid Reports and Dashboards in Microsoft Teams

  1. Choose the Team where you want to add new Channel with the Report or Dashboard.  Choose the + Sign to add content.

  2. Select Website and then Name the Channel and paste the URL of your Pyramid Environent into the Field.

  3. Now your Channel has direct Access to your full Pyramid Content.

  4. If you want to show a particular Report or Dashboard in the Channel, please access the Asset in the CMS and Copy the link as shown here:

  5. Proceed as above and copy the Link into the Channel. Now you have the Asset directly in the Channel.
    Note: The content will be accessed with the credentials of the end-user accessing the linked content, which may require an initial login

And here is the Video

How to add Pyramid Content to Microsoft Teams


Again a big Thank You to Ove Sandau who came up with this easy solution. For more Tips&Tricks, subscribe to this section of the Community and Check out our Youtube Channel 

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