Transfering IMDB models from one environment to another.

Transferring models and data between different environments can be a straightforward process by exporting and importing the ETL and re-executing it in the destination environment (provided that all the data sources exist there).

However, if the data sources are not available, you can follow these steps to move IMDB models:

1. Locate the irdb file of the relevant database on the source environment, which is usually found in C:\Program Files\Pyramid\repository\Imdata.

2. Copy the irdb file to the same folder on the target environment.

3. Export the model definitions file from the source environment.
To do this, select the model that you want to transfer and then, click "Export" as follows:

4. Next step would be to "Recognize" the model in the Target system (Data>Source Manager)

5. In the Target environment, locate the database under Admin>Data>Source manager, It should be listed under “Security”.
Ensure that the database has read access to the required roles.

6. Next, go to Admin>Data>Source manager select the IMDB database and click  "Import"  to import the model definitions file exported in step 3.

7. Finally, refresh the page to view the model.