How to contact the Pyramid support team

Users that have signed up to our support plans may contact the Pyramid support team to report any issues they have.
The following information is required when creating a new support case and will help the support team resolve your case faster.

  • Version number.
    Some issues may have been resolved over time.
    Knowing your version number can help us reproduce your case and know how to proceed.
  • Steps to reproduce.
    Detailed steps/actions taken to reproduce your case.
    Background information, like, is the problem user-specific, client machine-specific, Book/Report specific or any other will also be very helpful.
  • Full-screen image
    A full screen is preferable. In most cases, there are additional details in the background that provide us with more useful information.
    Sensitive data can be distorted/blurred.
  • Full error or logs
    Click on ‘more info’ to shows the stack trace. (best copied and pasted along with the image).  Even more useful is to retrieve the system logs from the Admin Console. These might revile more information on what happened before the error occurred.
  • Exported content
    In some cases, we'll need your content (Report/Presentation...)
    These do not contain data. it only contains the report structure and query.
  • "Structure only" Processed Cube. (.abf file)
    (In a Tabular Model Structure only does not exist. A full processed cube will be required)
    In some cases, where the issue may be related specifically to your data, we'll need along with the exported content, your data.
    Having the cube really helps to reproduce the problem.
    If cube data is required, it can be anonymized/masked cube (with dummy data)

    Alternatively, you can download our cube, Pyramid Sales Demo - 278.27 MB
    and try to reproduce the problem.
    Once successful, export and send us the report so we can try to reproduce your case in our labs.