When trying to use an R script from the Market Place an error occurs

When trying to use a script from the Market Place that uses one of R packages e.g the “Sentiment analysis” (uses stringr package) the following error occurs:

 "scripting error:Error:package or namespace load failed for ''stringi" was installed     by an R version with different internals"


To fix please follow the below procedure to update R on your Pyramid server(s)

Open the R.exe(run as administrator) which by default can be found here:

C:\Program Files\Pyramid\R\bin\


Then run the below:

update.packages(ask=FALSE, checkBuilt=TRUE, repos="http://cran.case.edu")


Please note that R must be updated on all Pyramid "Runtime" and "Task Engine" servers.

This article currently applies to all versions of Pyramid 2020.