How to create a custom sorted list for use in filtering. From Tips&Tricks 4/21

Sneak: Scrollable panel layout + Select/Deselect in Sub-Totals + Custom Sorted Lists + Member Color Lock

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How to create a custom sorted list for use in filtering

Have you ever noticed that when you are using a filter, the order in which elements contained within your filter are in alphabetical order? Have you ever had a need to use a field as a filter that contains numeric numbers or several elements but want to have them in a custom sorted order? If so, using custom sorted lists can help you in both cases.

  1. Click the + sign in Pyramid to bring up the Menu

  2. Click New Formulation and choose list
  3. Choose the Data Source you want to use

  4. Under Add, Choose Standard List

  5. Drag Standard List into the Formulate Pane

  6. Click Sort, Click on Order by Selection and Drag out to Formulate Pane

  7. Click on the Pink Highlighted Standard List and Select the members you want in your list and the elements to be included. Pay attention to the order in which you select the elements as this will be the order they show up in your custom list

  8. Click Save in upper right hand corner
  9. Name your list and choose where you would like it stored

  10. Go To Content Explorer and you will see your new list.
    You can now use the list as a filter in your Discover reports

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